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The Heart of Bridgeport

We want to extend an invitation to you and your family to get to know us by circling "The Heart of Bridgeport." That is, by entering into and growing through your relationship with Jesus Christ. The diagram represents four seminars that can assist you to grow in your walk with Him and into our family. The first, "Get Your Grip," will explain what that relationship is and how to enter into it. The second, "Reaching Up," will assist you in building a foundation to keep your walk with Jesus close and personal. "Reaching In" will help you investigate how you were created to fit into the rest of the Body of Christ through your unique personality and giftedness. Finally, "Reaching Out" will equip you to share this relationship with others in a non-threatening way. Once you have made the loop then you can begin helping others circle "The Heart of Bridgeport."

These four seminars provide the basis for membership in our church. Once you have circled the heart we would like to encourage you to participate in a final membership class and then join us by officially becoming part of our growing family. Then, together, we can allow the Love of the Lord to saturate our community and penetrate our world.