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Adventure with the Dervaes!

Mike and Joe spontaneously decided to help Bob and Nancy Dervaes get all of their belongings to Richmond on March 10th.  On the way there they stopped to view God's Creation in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
They had never been to Richmond so they also decided to stop in at the Virginia State Capital.  All along the way they are making a documentary to illustrate in Mike's sermon the next morning. 
As a dramatic moment in the plot of the story, Nancy went after Mike with a broom!  Of course, this was only for effect!
Bob and Nancy got settled into their new home and Mike and Joe left Richmond around 9:30pm.
On the way home they decided to stop in and see how G.W. was doing inside the beltway.
Though usually an early to bed kind of couple, G.W. and Laura heard that Mike and Joe were outside and went out just to wave at them!  Our friendly movers got home in time to sleep for two hours before church!