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  The youth group in San Juan is amazing.  They are involved in every aspect of the church including worship, children's ministries, construction, planning and even some teaching.  They worked hard with us all week side by side and we grew very close to many of them.  We thank God for their friendships and are praying for them as they prepare to go to their nation's youth conference in August.  The following pictures are from the youth social on the first Saturday night we were in San Juan.
Jinette and Johann lead worship at the social.  This is the first time we heard the song we still sing at home - Nunca, Nunca.
Wayne gets all washed up during a skit in which he is doused with water.  He didn't mind as this made him the only American there not covered in sweat.
Musical chairs was a blast!  Somehow our two most competitive American teammates ended up in the arena against three Dominicans - Milton, Elias and Johann.  Incarnational ministry fell out the window as Mike and Carie played cutthroat musical chairs.  Carie ended up with the victory to Mike and Milton's frustration.