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Due to the construction taking place on the church property the Free Methodists of San Juan met at a Compassion International site.  The photo is the area where services usually occurred.  There is also a courtyard to the left of the photo where they would circle the pews if the crowd was large enough.
At one of the Wednesday night services our team performed the skit "Strings".  Also that night Wayne Stone preached a message through which one of our own team members rededicated her life to Christ.
RoseMary, Erica and another youth performed this mime for us during the last service. 
Adam sang a special song which he had practiced in Spanish.  The church loved it and received a great blessing.
Mike preached both Sunday nights we were there at the invitation of Pastor Manuel. 
As usual the youth of the church provided a major blessing to us.  At the conclusion of the service the last night they sang some of our favorite songs, including the #1 favorite "Nunca, Nunca."