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Meeting our Neighbors

     Our first contact with our new neighbors was not necessarily positive.  Picture how you would feel if a group of thirteen foreigners moved into a three bedroom apartment  upstairs from you.  Add to this the fact that every afternoon a contingency of them would dress up like clowns and parade around until eventually the entire clan would pile into the back of a pickup truck and drive off.   As an adult you might be frustrated with the intrusion in your otherwise normal and routine life.  However, if you were a child few things might fascinate you more.  Our first few days we really didn't even realize what kind of an impact we were having.  However, when the community children began constantly ringing our doorbell and wanting us to play with them we recognized the hand of God drawing us into an unplanned application of our planned Bible School ministry.  Hence, we coordinated with the Free Methodist Church to hold an evangelism service in our parking lot out front.  Click here to discover the supernatural results.

Our home away from home.

Playing tag a few nights before the evangelistic service.

All of us were eventually caught!