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The Mountains of San Juan 

   The day after we completed the Bible School we took some time off and headed to the mountains with some of the members of the church.   It was incredible!
In order to get to a swimming area we had to cross the Rio Yoque del Sur in our guagua (taxi).
This area of the river had been quarried leaving a great swimming hole in a usually shallow river.  In 1998 Hurricane George devastated this area which now looks like a paradise.
The Dominicans worked hard to prepare a warm meal on a campfire for us.  It was delicious!
On the way out we had to forge the Rio Grocu.  This photo was taken from the back of a pickup in which a few of us traveled in for well over 60 miles during the journey.
This small hut represents the type of house many people in the country live in.  Hurricane George killed over 5000 people in the San Juan area.  Most died as a result of flooding.
Dusk in the mountains not far from Peako Duarte, the largest mountain in the Caribbean.