Spending Report:

Group $ Offerings - $750.00

(Individuals also gave privately)

Construction - $5210.64

Left for Future Const. - $1713.51

Food / Housing - $1402.95

Ground Transportation - $1530.11

Miscellaneous - $675.64

Flight - $4858.60

Insurance - $136.00

Bible School - $288.52

Debriefing - $620.31

     The following quotes came from various team members during the debriefing.  They may be helpful for future VISA team missions.

"Flexibility was the key."

"The training sessions really helped."

"Without the training this would have been a disaster."

"Once there my personal prayer life went out the window.  I did not see much supernatural."

"There is no substitute for continual prayer and walking in the presence."

"I experienced the culture.  I even ate goat!"

"On another trip I would bring a lot more granola bars."

"My prayer life brought me through.  The group prayer times were also important."

"The construction began like a nightmare but ended awesome."

"I worried this wasn't going to work but it came together."

"I would have liked to see adults come to Christ too."

"I would not want to come again unless others from my church came.  Everyone should experience this."

"I rededicated my life to Christ."

"Next time I would like to study the language more so I could witness in Spanish."

"The motto helped me again and again."  (No expectation but to serve.)

"I now feel closer to the Lord than ever."

"The difference on the trip was prayer."

"Next time I would also like to do an adult Bible School."

"Next time a VBS coordinator would really help things."