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     The United States is a very wasteful society.  We found the Dominicans to be contrastingly resourceful.  So, in the tradition of David Lettermen, here is the top ten most resourceful things we saw in the D.R.:
10.  This is internationally resourceful but still a great way to travel if you can't afford transportation.
9. This man (who is reading one of our tracts) has developed a complicated but ingenious contraption to transport his bananas and plantains.
8.  Pastor Manuel demonstrated for us a great way to lock up valuables without the frustration of carrying keys.
7. This method of carrying goods is fantastic.  
6. Have a swing set but the swings are broken?  Why not just chain in some cinderblocks!
5. This young child has made a technologically advanced helicopter made out of items found in most recycling bins in America.
4.  This is a great idea if you live in an area where police budgets are being cut.  Rather than having a large police force, Dominicans hire "watchmen" to guard their property.  This particular watchman was excited to have his picture taken.  (Yes, that is a 12 gauge!)
3.  What police force couldn't use a few VW Bugs!!!
2.  Ever feel bad about knocking on the bathroom door of a public stall?  No problem in this roadside stop.  The stalls are short enough to simply peer over the top and investigate whether or not it is occupied.  (Notice also the garbage can.  Because the sewer systems can't handle toilet paper it must be placed in the basket.)
1.  Without a doubt the #1 most resourceful Dominican was the man who decided that an old hatchback would make an excellent camper top so he welded it onto his truck!  It's now a 4-door!