We sent the clowns out early to draw up a crowd.  By the time the rest of the group left the building the parking lot was full.
As a further draw we pulled out the balloons.  These drew some new children, but the ploy also backfired in that some children left once they got the balloon.  They missed the purpose of the event to come.
The church soon arrived and, with the help of their sound system, our praise echoed through the community.
Oh No!!!  Another power outage!  Is this Satan trying to destroy this work of God?  Will all the children leave?  Will they be able to hear the message?  How will God intervene?
This is not from Satan!  The entire community is coming out because their televisions are off and there is nothing better to do.  Our parking lot is now overflowing and people can still hear the message.
Pastor Manuel speaks with authority to the children who are gathered.  Following Ken Myer's message of salvation Manuel invites them to receive Christ.
Twenty children raised their hands to receive Jesus.  A woman from the church wrote each of their names down as Manuel continued to minister to them.  Praise the Lord!  Gloria Dios!!!