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June 2000:

20- arrive in San Juan

21- AM- Settle in, prepare for VBS; PM- VBS

22- AM- construction PM-VBS

23- AM construction PM- VBS

24- AM construction PM- VBS

25 AM worship; PM VBS Closure. Evening- worship

26 AM construction PM construction

27 construction

28 construction; Evening Ministry- Evangelistic service

29 free day- maybe travel around the San Juan area...TBA???

30 construction

July 2000:

1- final construction day

2- worship R&R worship

3- market, colonial city

4- Beach day

5- Adios.


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Team Members

   The millenial mission team consists of Adam Stuck, Brenda Murray, Joe and Carie Shedlock, Cliff Cutlip, Wayne Stone, Charlie & Lana Shumaker and Mike & Christina Ferber.  We will also meet two more critical team members already in the Dominican, Ken and Letty Myers, who will become our bridge to the Dominican people.

Prayer Requests:

- tremendous ministry in the midst of the language barrier

- our team would help the church in San Juan be better equipped for ministry

- strength and perseverance for construction in the heat

- safety for those on our team who are pregnant or have had heart attacks

- an incredible overflow of God's presence both in the Dominican and then in our ministries back home in West Virginia

-  Unity amongst the team and with the Dominicans throughout the duration of the trip

     Visit our Dominican Republic Team Picture Pages!


Pastor and Mrs. Manuel, servants of the San Juan Free Methodist Church.

This is a shot of the existing church building. It was originally a house.. Inside it is basically one open room. The new structure will be built around the outside of this building- also taking up the entire back yard. . They hope to tear this building down and rebuild it on another lot to use for a church plant that they have in another neighborhood

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Charlie playing guitar.