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When we arrived at the site the foundation had been laid and blocks were up to the ground level.  The dirt from the foundation had been trucked away.
The first day some of us moved dirt while others mixed concrete and began to lay block as directed by our work boss, Cliff.  The Dominicans had hired a man to lay block but he was not available the first day to direct us. 
We managed to lay one row with the help of some other Dominicans but after that we left the block laying to the hired help and we stuck to the dirt and pillars.
It didn't take too long to get all of the dirt that was available into the foundation.  As we did this others of us poured concrete down the supporting beams.
See the holes the girls are standing in?  They won't be there too many more days!
Just when we were feeling like we accomplished something three loads of dirt showed up.
These were followed by three more loads!  By the end of our time we estimated that we moved approximately 90 tons of dirt!
After days of toil side by side with especially the youth group of the church, we got the foundation filled in and the all of the supporting beams completed.
This was how it looked the day we left!  Praise the Lord!