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Other Americans We Met During Our Travels

Many thanks to Erwin and Leah Ferber and Jill Sposato in Totowa, NJ.  They allowed us to take showers after driving all night and made an awesome breakfast spread which filled us until we were in the Dominican!

   We also met the following groups of Americans in various places during our stay in San Juan.  We passed on our site address to them and are hoping they will link up with us!  If you are them email us at  Great to see you again!

Crystal and Stacy were Compassion International volunteers who got stranded in San Juan overnight.  A family from the Free Methodist Church took them in and they ended up at the youth party the first Saturday we were in town.  Crystal was the interpreter for the party and she did an awesome job!  It was her interpretation of one of the Dominicans calling Mike "crazy in a good way" that nicknamed him "The Crazy Pastor" the rest of the week.
We met this couple in the Pollo Rey downtown.  They were on vacation but were also working on getting some visas for children to come to the US.  They had been on many adventures to the Dominican previously.
This group of youth were visiting San Juan with the "Heifer Exchange Program."  A community is given some heifers and, once they are bred, some of them must be donated to other communities. 
These Mormons helped us work the last morning of our trip with Pastor Manuel's permission.  Due to their perseverance we were able to finish very early for the day.  We ran out of work!