Profile of Wayne Stone.      The last two weeks have been rough - working in the hot sun, cramped living quarters - but at the same time we experienced wonderful hospitality, a deep sense of satisfaction, and blessings beyond measure from God Himself.

     These people may not have all the comforts and advantages we enjoy in the States, but Christ has made them rich indeed.  And they freely shared their riches with us.  For myself, I would have been willing to work much harder and live much less comfortably just for the privilege we had of worshipping with and bonding with these precious brothers and sisters. May God bless them!

Wayne sharing his collections of the trip - some stones from the mountains and beach.
Wayne attempting to hang some mosquito netting.
Wayne singing "Padre Abraham" in the back of a pickup going 50 mph.
Hail King Wayne!
A small lizard on Wayne's shoulder.