Profile of Mike Ferber drinking a nonalcoholic "Alotta Colatta".      This was my first of hopefully many experiences leading a trip overseas.  Though no trip is perfect, it will be challenging for the Lord to provide a better ministry experience than he gave me on this journey.  The team that the Lord called was awesome and with few exceptions carried through completely on our motto, "No expectation but to serve."  And the irony is the entire team agrees that though we came with that one purpose of service, the church in San Juan served us more than we could ever serve them.  Each of us has been stretched and molded on this trip to be more like Christ.  And, each one has reported clear leadings of changes we are being called to make in our lives in regard to leadership, prayer, evangelism, ministry and future missions work. 

     The Lord spoke to me the most through the twenty children that were led to the Lord in our apartment complex.  We simply prayed for this to happen and when the Lord opened a door we took it and He blessed it!  Now that I am home I must ask myself: Why have I not led one, let alone twenty of my neighbors to Christ?  Am I too busy?  Too involved in ministry?  Too worried about my second job?  Am I sincerely praying for my neighbors?  My prayer is that the boldness in prayer and in person which we had in San Juan would permeate my life and the life of my church.

Mike with his VBS entourage.
Joe preparing Mike for a night on the town.
Mike attempting to make the top ten ingenuity list.  However, he couldn't balance the cooler for more than a few seconds.
Mike barely escapes with his life after an attack from this thorn tree.
Mike finds a new purpose for the wheelbarrow while Carlos and Johann try to wake him.