Profile of Lana Shumaker.

     Dominican Republic 2000


     God's presence and power was evidenced from the worksite to the Bible School and parking lot ministry.  There was no communication barrier that a smile or a hug couldn't translate between us.  Working together as a team taught us love, patience and compassion as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I thank God for the privilege to be on the mission trip - It was great!!!  I would go again.

Lana drinking milk from a freshly picked coconut on Palenque Beach.
Lana's collection from the trip - flowers from various locations.
Lana and Carie posing on the back porch of the apartment.
Lana snoozing in the bedroom which four of the girls shared.
Charlie and Lana relaxing before a service.
Lana cheering on Charlie at the worksite.