Profile of Christina Ferber.      The one thing that I will cherish most about our trip to the D.R. is my memories of all of the wonderful people we met.  The Free Methodist Church in San Juan is filled with men, women, youth and children who truly love the Lord.  You can see it and hear it through their servanthood, their worship and their lives.  Most of all I was impressed with the youth of the church.  The youth were actively involved in every service at the church, as well as meeting every Saturday night for worship and fun.  My prayer is that I can bring the excitement of the youth of San Juan to the youth of Bridgeport because I believe that the youth can revolutionize the church.
Chrissy taking some pictures of the airport in Santo Domingo.
Chrissy listening for the baby while laying in the sun by the Rio Yoque de Sur.
Chrissy shares her collection from the trip - humorous character summaries of team members.
Chrissy trying out a new look.
Chrissy's prayers are answered as a Red Lobster is found on the way home.